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We are An agile metal fabricator built around you

Comprehensive solutions for your needs

For over three decades we’ve worked with hundreds of clients to produce more than 1 million pieces and products, each one custom to the client’s needs.

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Are our key metric

At NCT, fabricating is only part of what we do.

We’re driven by your KPIs, adhere to your timeline, and live up to your standards. We’re proud to have clients that have stayed with us for over 10 years.

They come back knowing they’ll get to work with people who speak their language, understand their industry, know the job, and make the extra effort to do right by them.

I’m humbled to work alongside this incredible team every day.

  • Drew Flora

    Drew Flora


Built to be different.

We're not your typical 'just build it' shop.

We stay flexible and act fast, treating our production floor more like an agile design space than a metal shop.​

It’s how we’re able to fabricate over 400,000lbs of metal every month and not lose a beat when we add new clients or high-volume jobs.​

All done in our manufacturing facilities.

Design, source, bend, shape, weld, deburr, finish and powder — take your project from back-of-the-napkin to completed product without outsourcing a single piece of the process.​